100 Tonne Stamp

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This heavy duty stamp applies sufficient force to ensure that the stamped impression can still be seen using Ultrasonics, even if attempts are made to remove it through grinding the surface.

Features include:

  • Alignment Sensors - to detect the item to be stamped, ensuring it is positioned correctly;
  • Guide Plates - ensure that the item is positioned parallel for even stamping;
  • Timer - ensures that the hydraulic press exerts the correct tonnage for a given period of time in order to provide the correct depth of stamp;
  • Pressure Control - variable pressure control up to 100 tonne;
  • Standard Characters - uses standard type (characters) - logos can be company specific;
  • Quick set-up - quick release block change facility for change of stamp.

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  • 100 Tonne Stamp
  • 100 Tonne Stamp
  • 100 Tonne Stamp
  • 100 Tonne Stamp