There are plenty of 'one stop shops' who will hire you anything from paint strippers to excavators - but as bolting and torque tightening specialists you should come to the expert providers for this type of equipment:

We will:

  • GUARANTEE: All tools are individually serviced between every hire
  • PROVIDE: Individual calibration certificates to UK National Standards with all hire torque tools
  • RESERVE: Equipment in advance to avoid disappointment
  • NOT CHARGE: For the time when equipment is in transit
  • VISIT: Your site (Sales Engineer) to assess your requirement and provide basic guidance on tool usage (pre or post delivery)
  • TOOL MATCH: To the specific application and give technical advice when needed
  • ADAPT: Reaction plates to fit exactly as they should; reducing risk to tool and operator
  • ARRANGE: Delivery and collection of equipment (same day if required)


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