EC-RAD System

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Customer: EDF Energy


  • Tightening/Untightening Nuclear Fuelling Machine Bolts


  • The need for traceability of all bolt torque data
  • Operating environment demands a high level of accuracy
  • Other methods are time consuming and require a lot of manual effort


  • EC-RAD Electric Torque System


  • Soft start trigger for gradual acceleration
  • Soft cover trigger allows positive dual finger activiation
  • Safety release - tool stops on release of trigger
  • Bi-directional operation -ergonomically positioned 'rocker' switch for quick selection between forward & reverse
  • Low noise output - less than 70dB (A) in a free field environment
  • Automatic two speed option
  • Control panel is pass code protected to prevent unauthorised access to settings/parameters


  • Automatic data collection of all torque activity (complete with USB connectivity to PC)
  • Repeatability better than +/-4%
  • No risk of oil contamination
  • Non-impacting operation minimises noise & vibration
  • Significantly reduces manual handling effort
  • Much quicker than manual tooling
  • Suitable for numerous high torque/high accuracy bolting applications


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  • EC-RAD System
  • EC-RAD System
  • EC-RAD System
  • EC-RAD System
  • Image courtesy of EDF Energy