3 Stage Offset Gearbox

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Industry: Industrial Manufacturing


Tightening and un-tightening of bolts securing the internal plates of an industrial drum


  • Current method involves the reaction arm of the torque tool pushing a spanner against the lip of the drum. This is both unsafe practice and has the potential to damage the drum and the tooling
  • Restricted access means it is difficult to achieve a safe and secure reaction point



  • Integral Reaction which reacts on an opposing bolt
  • Steel construction for robustness
  • Positive output - rotation of tool matches output drive


  • Gearbox design overcomes the difficult access problem
  • Provides a safe and secure reaction on an opposing bolt, whilst minimising the trapping hazard
  • Avoids damage to the drum and the drum plates.

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  • 3 Stage Offset Gearbox
  • 3 Stage Offset Gearbox