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Telescopic Shock Absorber Fixture

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Fixture for removal and assembling of the locking rings on the hydraulic chambers of train shock absorbers.

The system consists of:

  • 2.3M frame with C-RAD Pneumatic Torque Tool suspended on a fixed reaction bar
  • Adjustable clamps and reaction which allows use with different designs of telescopic damper


  • Torque control via integral Lubro Control Unit
  • Fully adjustable clamping and reaction system to ensure correct positioning of the shock absorber and a secure reaction when the drive socket is in operation
  • Fixing holes for securing to the floor


  • A stable and safe operating system
  • The ability to tighten to a known torque
  • Flexibility to accept different sizes and types of shock absorber
  • Easy to switch between tightening and un-tightening operation
  • Robust system requiring minimal maintenance


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  • Telescopic Shock Absorber Fixture
  • Example of Shock Absorber
  • C-RAD 10L Pneumatic Torque Tool as part of the system
  • Shock Absorber securely clamped in position
  • Drive Socket
  • Drive Adaptor
  • Shock Absorber with Drive Adaptor in position
  • The Drive Socket height is manually adjusted by lowering/raising the
reaction bar/drive socket assembly. This operates on a counter balance system
  • Drive Socket lowered into position
  • Drive Socket fully engaged on drive adaptor and shock absorber
  • Drive Socket height adjustment and rotation control buttons