Valve Testing Systems

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The testing of the cyclical opening and closing of valves is one way of helping to ensure that valve design and build is robust and up to the demanding environments in which they operate. By measuring the torque and angle of a valve during the continuous action of the opening/closing routine and comparing this against known specification (pre-set by the operator), the effective performance may be determined. The Christie Valve Testing System is a tried and tested solution for rigorously and critically assessing a valve in this way.

Basic Operational Features (Main image and gallery images 1-11):

  • ‘Single’ mode for valve pressurisation, open, and close
  •  Cycle testing mode for up to 999 open/close cycles

  •  Cycle status indicator:
    - operational (illuminates)
    - cycle interruption (flashes)

  • Facility to set-up for different valve types and sizes which is stored for future use
  • Operates on 110V, 240V or 415V (option at time of purchase)(110V transformer not included)
  • Each valve reaction and accompanying socket would suit a range of valve sizes
  • For valve sizes outside a particular range, additional torque multipliers, gearboxes, reactions and sockets are available for those sizes of valve.

Valve Testing System (Main image & gallery images 1-11) includes : Control Cabinet, USB Memory Stick, Pendant, Electric Torque Multiplier and Gearbox, Drive Socket, and Valve Reaction.

Please note: W. Christie supply the valve testing system - we do not provide a testing service.

Please download a leaflet on this system


Image 12 shows a further example of a Valve Testing System.

Image Gallery

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  • Valve Testing System - Control Trolley
  • Electric Torque Multiplier, complete with Gearbox and Valve Reaction in position on a valve. The open/close position of the valve is set using the control pendant
  • Setting of the valve parameters
  • Drive Socket - scaled for degree of opening/closing of the valve
  • Valve Reaction containing Drive Socket
  • A range of Christie Valve Sockets & Reactions
  • 'Live Graph' screen - displaying trend of peak torque
  • The complete Valve Testing System in use on site
  • Torque Multiplier, Gearbox, and Valve Reaction in use on site
  • When not in use the keyboard and display unit can be locked away
  • The unit can be easily moved around site and has a storage area for addtional Torque Multipliers and Gearbox units
  • A Further Example of a Valve Testing System