Nut Arrestor

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Industry: Nuclear


  • To hold the nut whilst untightening bolts on the HEPA filter in the decommssioning of a nuclear cell


  • To unfasten bolts on a flange remotely
  • The tooling to operate within part of a nuclear facility with no worker access permitted
  • Restricted height above the nut


  • Adapted CCR1 hydraulic torque wrench with hydraulic clamp (nut arrester) on the nut attachment
  • Stainless steel cylinder on nut arrester
  • Stainless steel body on CCR1


  • Operates with low pressure Water Glycol which interfaces with customer's hydraulic console
  • Torque wrench max. operating pressue is 3,000 psi
  • Nut arrester max. operating pressue is 5,800 psi
  • Anti-reverse feature
  • CCR hydraulic tool has extra long stroke on the cylinder
  • Quick-release hydraulic connections


  • Can be operated remotely by manipulator arm
  • Operates within a height restriction
  • Can be used with existing hydraulic systems
  • Long stroke cylinder & anti-reverse feature speeds-up the untightening procedure

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