Backing Tool

Backing Tool
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Individual Backing Tools are available in a range of sizes from 7/8" A/F (1/2" UNC) to 5-3/8" A/F (3-1/2" UNC).

Product Leaflet (324.76KB)

Operating Manual (184.83KB)

The W. Christie 'Backing Tool' is safer than traditional methods of bracing the nut and minimises the risk of trapped hands and fingers.







Features include:

  • Adjustable retaining ball to hold Backing Tool to nut
  • Single cast construction for strength
  • Fixing ring for attaching a Lanyard to stop Backing Tool from falling
  • A bi-hexagon / 12 point design makes it easy to locate on the nut
  • Backing Tool sizes are imperial to suit UNC flange bolts