LOW Series (Direct Fit)

LOW Series (Direct Fit)
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Range Overview

(5 models)

Weight: 1.6 - 30 Kgs

Torque Range: 180 - 41,000 Nm

Hexagon Size: 19 - 175 mm




Product Leaflet (474.17KB)

Product System Overview (257.24KB)

Operating Manual (860.55KB)

Aware of the difficulties associated with flange bolting, the Christie LOW hydraulic torque wrenches have an open hexagon, designed to fit directly onto the nut or bolt head.

This tooling is ideal for use on applications with limited overhead access or with fasteners having excessive thread protrusion.

Features include:

  • 360 degree swivel coupler
  • Super high stength Aluminium-Titanium Alloy construction
  • Extended reaction area
  • Low Profile Direct fit design
  • Interchangeable cassette heads for range of hexagon sizes


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