Oil Pump

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Oil Pump System for delivering a specified volume of oil (Example shown delivers 2.5L of gear oil).


  • Internal battery powered system with charging socket
  • Trolley mountable for portability
  • Automatic mode for delivery of a specified volume of oil
  • Suitable for use with different types and viscosities of oil (up to 2000 cSt)
  • Manual pumping mode for top-up
  • Hand held pendant controller
  • Battery power LED:

Green - fully charged

Blue - charging

Red – fault

  • Battery level meter

Based on delivery of 2.5 Litres of gear oil per gear box, the unit will provide over 100 gear box fills on 1 charge of the unit, with an individual cycle time of 42 seconds for 2.5 Litres.

Benefits include:

  • Ensures consistent delivery of a specified volume of oil
  • Minimises the manual effort required
  • Battery operation means the unit can be mounted on a trolley and moved/used in different locations


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