Valving Rig

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Application: Assembly & disassembly of valves


  • Existing method involving manual tooling and the securing of valves in a vice is inaccurate, labour intensive and potentially unsafe


  • Specially designed rig for securing the valves in position in order to assemble and disassemble the valves with pneumatic torque tooling.

Key features include:

  • 2 Pneumatic torque tools (C-RAD 10X & C-RAD 34)
  • Zero weight balancer
  • Universal double reaction
  • Valve immobiliser plates (secures valve in position)
  • Open hexagon reducers to allow easy valve insertion


  • Suitable for a range of valves
  • Provides a stable and accurate reaction for torque tightening of the valve assembly
  • The rig system carries out the valving process without damaging the valves
  • Zero weight spring balancer reduces manual effort and improves safety of the process
  • Saves time due to reduced manual effort
  • Universal reaction allows use with other applications

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