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Water Hydraulic Bolt Removal System

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Removal of stainless steel bolts (M20) on seismic brackets which are part of the container racking in a spent nuclear fuel handling pond. A new racking system is being constructed, making the existing brackets redundant.


The bolts are at a depth of up to 4 metres in contaminated water and have been in place for many years. The bolts must be removed remotely i.e. without human contact.

This task had never been carried out before.


 A Water Hydraulic Bolt Removal System, consisting of:

  •  A Water Hydraulic Torque Multiplier giving a torque between 200 and 2,000 Nm

  • A double acting Hydraulic Bolt Arrestor Clamp capable of operating with water, giving a torque up to 800 Nm

  • Stainless Steel Power Pack and complete hose system with quick release couplers

  • 3 kW Control Panel

The Bolt Arrestor grips the bolt head to prevent rotation whilst the torque multiplier unfastens the opposing nut.


  • Stainless Steel Power Pack designed to run on demineralised water and 110V supply

  • Pendant control for Water Hydraulic Torque Wrench and Bolt Arrestor

  • Torque Wrench and Bolt Arrestor are capable of being operated remotely by the Pond Deployment Tooling of the Nuclear Fuel Preparation Machines, consisting of long reach Pole Assemblies


  • Torque Wrench and Bolt Arrestor are capable of operating remotely at the required torque levels at an under water depth of 4m

  • Corrosion resistant tooling

  • Suitable for use in clean environments

  • Torque Wrench and Bolt Arrestor are operated independent of one another, giving greater control of the process

  • Stainless Steel Power Pack with 25 Litre Reservoir

This type of tooling is appropriate for a wide range of bolting applications in clean manufacturing and processing environments, including: Nuclear, Food, Pharmaceuticals, and Medical. It is also suitable for use within clean rooms.

Image Gallery

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  • Water Hydraulic Torque Tool and Nut Arrestor
  • The complete system: Water Hydraulic Torque Tool, Nut Arrestor, Control Panel, Stainless Steel Power Pack, and Hose Assembly.
  • Nut Arrestor in open position
  • Nut Arrestor in closed position - preventing the bolt head from turning
  • Typical application showing nuts to be un-tightened by Water Hydraulic Torque Tool
  • Water Hydraulic Torque Tool un-tightening a nut - secure reaction point of reaction arm is clearly visible.