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Special Sockets & Ancillaries

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With the latest CNC machining centres, W. Christie has in-house capability to manufacture bespoke sockets and ancillaries to suit your applications. Instead of struggling with a ‘standard’ socket/ancillary that doesn’t quite fit or uses improper tooling, possibly even compromising safety, why not speak to us about your exact requirements.

In addition to supplying sockets and ancillaries in non-standard sizes, we can also manufacture sockets and ancillaries from a range of materials, and with different profiles and finishes. Special materials include Aluminium, Phosphor Bronze, Stainless Steel, and many others.

The examples shown and listed, although not exhaustive, give a broader perspective of the type of products we can manufacture to order:

  • Test Pieces
  • Large sockets
  • Extended sockets
  • Extension bars
  • Universal joints
  • Lock nut (Fine U-Nut)
  • Insert bits & drives
  • T Bars
  • Sockets for key shafts
  • Adaptors
  • Square & bi-square sockets
  • Male drives
  • Sleeves
  • Special punches
  • Thin wall sockets
  • Valve sockets
  • Cutaway sockets
  • Surface drives (Fast lead)
  • Hex & bi-hex sockets
  • Splines
  • Offset wrenches
  • Telescopic sockets
  • Shafts

All W. Christie sockets and ancillary items are precision made, impact and machine quality.


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Image Gallery

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  • Special Sockets & Ancillaries
  • Bi-square Socket
  • Special Adaptor
  • Stud Runner Socket
  • Phosphor Bronze (Anti-sparking) Hexagonal Socket
  • T-Bar
  • Thin Wall Bi-hexagonal Socket
  • Male Square Surface Drive Socket
  • Male Drive (Extension Bar)
  • Hexagon Male Reducer
  • Extension Bar (Female Square to Male Hexagon)
  • Dirt Clearance Socket
  • Offset Wrench
  • Thin Wall Hexagonal Socket
  • Universal Joint Socket (Spline Set)
  • Fine U-Nut Socket
  • Skirted Hexagonal Socket
  • Cutaway Female Hexagonal Socket
  • Key Shaft Socket/Valve Socket
  • Castellated Nut Socket
  • Large Hexagonal Socket