Torque Check Fixture

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The Christie Torque Tool Test Fixture acts as a repeatable bolted joint to enable the torque consistency of powered non-impacting torque tools to be measured.

The system has two main components, a Torque Check Fixture and a Joint Rundown Assembly (a joint simulator).

The Joint Rundown Assembly consists of disc-springs which compress during tightening, gradually slowing the tool rotation prior to stall. This gives a controlled tightening action which in turn ensures accurate results. The disc-springs are designed to cope with repetitive testing at the rated capacity, giving consistent performance over time.

  • Easy read display
  • 200 - 2,000 Nm measurement range
  • Robust construction ensures consistency of performance and longevity

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  • Torque Check Fixture
  • Torque Check Fixture
  • Torque Check Fixture
  • Torque Check Fixture in use with a Christie BC-RAD 20X battery operated torque tool.
  • Torque Check Fixture capable of operating within a torque range of 200 - 2,000 Nm.
  • Easy read display with setting selection.