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Train Coupler Dampner - Disassembling Frame/Jig

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Industry: Rail

Application: Disassembling of train coupler dampners for overhaul

Problem: Current manual method involves use of spanner and long extension bar. This is both time consuming and could pose a safety risk

  • Frame of jig designed to retain the coupler during the disassembling process
  • Retaining pin prevents rotational movement of the coupler when being disassembled
  • Safe reaction point for pneumatic tool


  • Saves time - the use of the jig with a pneumatic torque tool speeds up the disassembling process
  • Provides a safe integral reaction point
  • Greatly reduces the safety risks associated with the previous manual method 


Image Gallery

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  • Train coupler dampner
  • Train dampner in position on disassembling jig - showing nut
  • Close-up of rail dampner nut which secures the compression springs in place
  • Special nut socket
  • Disassembling jig, complete with pneumatic torque tool
  • Disassembling jig showing disassembled train dampner and components
  • Close-up of disassembled train dampner
  • Nut components removed