Compression Test Rig

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This system is used for the compression testing of cylindrical structures. A hydraulic cylinder pulls the cylindrical object through a set of rollers which compress it in order to check the level of deformity and the 'return to form' after the compression action.

The rig has the following specification characteristics and capabilities:

  • A hydraulic cylinder with a pulling force of 20 tons and a pulling distance of 1,400mm
  • 2 x compression cylinders of 300mm stroke, each capable of 16 tons of compression, giving an overall compression force of up to 32 tons
  • The compression rollers are adjustable for different diameters of test objects from 160mm to 700mm diameter
  • The front of the rig consists of a wheeled trolley section with locater pins. This trolley section can be removed from the main rig section to allow the test pieces to easily loaded onto the rig
  • Integral ‘free running’ rollers allow the test cylinder to be easily pulled through the rig


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  • Compression Test Rig
  • Compression Test Rig
  • Compression Test Rig