Wheel Ovality Check Stand

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Imperfections in the roundness of train wheels, including flat spots, can lead to stress of the rail infrastructure and expensive repairs. The W. Christie Wheel Ovality Check Stand is a simple but highly effective sytsem for checking wheel roundness in order to help prevent such damage.

  • Quick and easy measurement of positive and negative deviation of wheel ovality
  • Fully adjustable Dial Test Indicators (DTIs) with magnetic base attachment - easily removed for loading of wheel set and storage
  • Alignment of bearing housing within the stand ensures the wheel can be rotated freely by hand - no power required
  • Framework of the stand is designed to fully support the gearbox unit using the gearbox support wheel
  • Supplied with storage case for DTI units

Image Gallery

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  • Wheel Ovality Check Stand
  • Dial Test Indicator
  • Underground train wheel set undergoing wheel ovality check
  • Dial Test Indicator in position on underground train wheel