Bespoke Reactions

Bespoke Reactions
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Nose Cones/Extensions










  Nose Cone/Extension Kits


W. Christie will design and manufacture tooling 'reactions' for your specific bolting application. This can be either:

  • To fit your exisiting tooling, where possible, or...
  • To fit the most appropriate type of tooling, selected from our wide range

By adapting reaction plates to fit exactly as they should, the risk to tool and operator is reduced. Remember...tooling breakages are often a result of incorrect reaction.

Visit our Bespoke Engineering section to view some examples of Bespoke Reactions. 










    C-RAD with Detachable Nose Cone

Standard Nose Cone extensions are available in sizes 6", 12", 15",  and 18". For non-standard sizes, please contact us with your exact requirements.