EC-RAD Blu (Electronic)

EC-RAD Blu (Electronic)
EC-RAD Blu (Electronic) EC-RAD Blu (Electronic)
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Weight: 5.4 - 14.5 Kgs

Torque Range: 135 - 10,100 Nm

Square Drive: 3/4" - 1.1/2"




Product Leaflet (341.13KB)

EC-RAD Blu Operating Manual (3.51MB)

The Torque Tool with Bluetooth Technology

The EC-RAD Electronic Torque Tool with Bluetooth Technology gives accuracy and repeatability through servo motor technology, delivering smooth continuous torque.

Connecting a Smart Socket* to the EC-RAD Blu Torque Tool via Bluetooth allows torque measurements from the socket to be sent to the tool which it then uses to adjust its own torque settings to match these readings. This means the EC-RAD Blu is always working to the torque requirements of the site application.

Features include:

  • Torque accuracy of +/-3%
  • Torque repeatabily +/-2%
  • Data collection and storage
  • Selectable pre-set torque values
  • LED indicator lights for torque status (pass/fail)
  • Extremely low noise level - only 75db
  • Torque verification - when used with a Smart Socket*

* available at extra cost