VC-RAD Select (Electric) NEW

VC-RAD Select (Electric)
VC-RAD Select (Electric)
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Range Overview

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Weight:  3.9 to 6.2 kg

Speed:  2.7 rpm – 8.8 rpm

Torque Range:  140 – 4,000 Nm

Square Drive: 3/4" – 1"




Product Leaflet (166.66KB)

Operating Manual (1.14MB)

VC-RAD Select with Digital Display

Unlike most electric torque tools the simple to use 'plug & play' VC-RAD Select eliminates the need for control cabinets and the installation and set up of complicated software.

This latest range of electric torque tools are available in both 110 and 240 volt motors, alleviating the problem of poor quality air supply, often associated with its pneumatic counterparts.

Features include:

  • New compact design - easy to handle
  • Clear digital display with Pass/Fail indication
  • Digital torque setting in 10 Nm increments
  • Soft start trigger
  • Equal power in forward and reverse
  • Smooth and continuous flow of controlled torque
  • Quiet operation
  • Non-impacting